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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                  31

many English; Lord Thanet, Lord Wycornbe,
Lady Dunmore and two Ladles Murray, the Misses
Coutts, General Ross, &c.

The Duke of Orleans was nearly drowned the
other day, by his horse missing the ford of a
brook much swollen with rain, and being carried
under an arch, where the horse was drowned.
The Duke swam out. His servant had plunged
in to help him, without knowing how to swim,
and the Duke was obliged to pull him out at
great risk to himself.

The Duke's chanceliev, Ducrest, being afraid
of the Bastille on account of an absurd memoir
which he made his master, the Duke of Orleans,
present to the King, is gone off to England, having
previously given in his resignation. He is the
brother of Madame de Sillery, of whose history the
following is a sketch.

A certain widow named Madame Mdzieres, re-
vendeuse a la toilette, had an only daughter, who,
being very handsome, made the conquest of Des-
hayes, a lover of the Duchess de Berry (the Regent's
daughter). By this man she had a second daughter,
now the famous Madame de Montesson.1 Made-
moiselle M6zieres, her sister, married M. Chantry,

i Madame de Montesson, aunt to Madame de Genlis,
who was married to the Duke of Orleans.